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Katelyn Broom

I’ve been reading since I could pick up a book and writing since I could hold a pen. I can’t describe how happy it makes me to put pen to paper (or hands to keyboard) and craft a written piece that speaks to the reader, influences their emotions and communicates a meaningful story.

Katelyn Broom, Freelance Copywriter (iscribecreative.com)

1. Why writing?

Great question! Honestly, I never thought I’d be pursuing a career as a writer as it was never really put to me as being ‘on the cards’ when I was going through school and growing up. All I heard was a bunch of ‘go to uni’, ‘get a normal job’, ‘work your 9-5’…you know the talk. I’ve always been an avid reader, so I knew there were people out there who made it as authors. I just didn’t know that it was an option and everyone I spoke to made it sound like writing couldn’t possibly be thought of as a successful career unless you made it big with a killer novel or series.

I’d always enjoyed writing and when I found out there was such thing as a ‘copywriter’, I was bloody stoked. I started doing a little copywriting work on the side of my corporate 9-5 through Airtasker and then when Covid reared its ugly head, I was made redundant, leaving me with a reason and an opportunity to fully pursue copywriting as a freelancer.

2. What inspires you?

This one’s easy. My most productive/inspired hours are late at night/early morning. I’m talking 10pm-3am. There’s something about the dark of night that makes it much easier to concentrate without the distractions of daytime. Does anyone else wish that we could swap days for nights when it comes to the general hours we function as a society?

3. Who inspires you?

Honestly, my biggest inspiration is other small business owners, namely my clients and the other creative souls I’ve managed to surround myself with (you included).

I find that I lack motivation quite often, but when I finally get myself up and moving, I always, always turn to my clients and other creative people around me to take a look at what they’re doing and think ‘they are doing so well, I just need to focus and maybe I’ll be able to do that too’.

4. Are you a perfectionist?

As a copywriter, you kind of have to be a perfectionist, in some respect. If you send back a draft with even a single spelling error or grammatical mistake, your clients are unlikely to take you seriously. I’m much less of a perfectionist in general than I used to be though.

I don’t know about ‘perfect’ being the enemy of ‘good’, but some days I think it’s enough to recognise that ‘good’ is good enough.

5. How do you handle your inner critic?

I usually just make fun of myself and write about it. I have a blog outside of my copywriting business where I kind of pour every awkward, anxious and critical thought about myself and turn it into a place where I can laugh at my faults and allow others to laugh with me. It’s pretty cathartic, to be honest.

6. Proudest moment?

I feel most proud when I get feedback from clients letting me know I’ve truly made a difference in their lives by helping them express their thoughts, their feelings, their products, their business values, their stories, etc.

I write for both business owners and individuals so when I can help someone put together the perfect email to send to their clients thanking them for a great year, or guide a woman through writing her wedding vows because she just couldn’t think of the words, there’s no better feeling than that.

7. Failures?

Right now, I’m having a bit of a tough time both mentally and physically which doesn’t help boost my motivation levels. The fact that I’m my own worst enemy is one of my most frustrating hurdles or failures as a freelancer, I feel. It’s ok though. I know things will get better. I’m working hard to keep myself on track and keeping a positive attitude is the best way to do so. In regard to negative criticism, I do provide unlimited revisions to all clients so that helps me avoid anything like that. In some cases, though, the old saying “you can’t please ‘em all” definitely comes into play.

8. Social media – yes or no?

Social media has both helped and hindered my creative journey, I think. My personal Instagram/blog has opened up avenues for partnerships which has been great, but for my copywriting business I don’t think I’ve had any new clients come in because of it. Social media stuff also takes up waaaay too much of my time for what I get out of it. In saying that, social media can 100% be a gamechanger if you’ve got the time/energy/know how to put towards it. I’d love to learn more about social media marketing in future and use it to my advantage.

9. Future projects?

Future projects will definitely include completing some short courses to learn more about in-depth SEO, digital marketing and other bits and pieces that will allow me to be a better writer for my clients. I’m juggling a few things at the moment with an Etsy store, a Redbubble store, a small business and 2 blogs to maintain, on top of client work, so it’s a little difficult to find time for learning right now. Soon though…

10. Favourite quote/ mantra/ or advice

“Wherever you are, be all there.” It’s a quote by a guy called Jim Elliot. For him it had religious connotations, but for me it reminds me to keep focusing on the task at hand when my mind is all over the place (which is quite often). It helps keep me grounded and present every moment.


Website: http://www.iscribecreative.com

IG: @iscribecreative

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/au/shop/iScribeCreative

Personal blog: http://www.pray4kates.com

IG: @pray4kates

Redbubble: http://www.redbubble.com/people/pray4kates/shop

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