Things that bring you joy

Every time another year ends, we are full of hope and wish each other “a better year” ahead. We make resolutions and plans and “to do” lists. When another year ends, we look back and although it didn’t all go as expected, we continue hoping and making wishes, year after year.

We’re all excited about new beginnings. We hope 2021 will be better (it’s gotta be, given that 2020 was pretty bad, right?) although we can’t predict the future nor we can generalize. Maybe it will be great for some and terrible for others, who knows? If you have it all figured out for 2021, hat off to you. I haven’t. I still struggle.

So instead of abstractly hoping that this new year will be a good (or better) one and making long term plans that I am unsure are even possible, I decided to try something else. A bite-size approach. Days. Steps. Small victories.

Think about it. Every evening, take a few minutes to recap the day and think not of the bad stuff, but of everything that went well. What made you smile? What made you happy? What brought you joy that day? Write these things down, every day. You will slowly get to believe that the glass is always half (or more than half) full. How cool would that be?

Yes, it can be hard to stay positive and active and motivated with all that’s happening around us these days. So maybe if we try to focus on the things that bring us joy, overall our days and our years will be all better. What do you think?

Celebrate your successes as they are all part of your growth. Be kind to yourself. Be well. Enjoy the little things. The things that bring you joy.

2 thoughts on “Things that bring you joy

  1. Well said. After working in the areas I don’t really enjoy for many years, I finally decided to go back to Uni to study the things that bring me joy. Luckily I got the dream offer to start in 2021. Hope 2021 is a good beginning for all of us. : )

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