Happy Sunday

We all love weekends. We all get excited on Fridays thinking about the upcoming weekends and we all wish weekends were longer and we’re all sad when weekends are over. And let’s be honest, sometimes we find ourselves on a Sunday eve recapping our weekend and realising all we did was eat and watch TV. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Well, not entirely wrong. (You may want to know I started writing this post after spending my Saturday evening binge-watching New Amsterdam on Netflix until some time after midnight…)

We talk a lot about wellbeing these days and we are becoming more aware of it. So let’s talk about things we could do on a Sunday.

1. Walking

Seriously, we should all take walks on Sundays. Whether you’re 15 or 65, fit or unfit, there is no excuse for not getting outside for a walk. You get some fresh air, clear your mind, exercise. Tick, tick, tick.

2. Reading

With all the social media and the Netflix temptations (ahem), we tend to read less these days. So let’s do something different at least one day a week, ditch the everyday screens (phone, tablet, computer, TV) and read a book instead. If you’re not convinced about the benefits, well, how about the fact that reading can strengthen your brain, increase focus and reduce stress?

3. Creating

Most of us have some sort of creative outlet. So make something. Paint, draw, fix a broken thingy, write, bake. Yes, bake – Sunday is a perfect day for that.

4. Freshening up

…your home. Ok, I know we don’t like doing chores on Sundays. For the sake of this post we will assume that you (or another person, if you’re lucky) did the vacuuming the day before. So you can add a few things to that, to make your house look new, fresh, let the light in and energies flow, to ensure it will give you a good start of the week. Messes and clutter can influence your mood, can make you feel blah without knowing why. Freshening up your home is good for your health and wellbeing and you can achieve a lot by making small changes. You don’t have to move furniture around, paint the walls and change the colour scheme, add new cushions and other homewares. (Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t. You can, if you have the time and the energy and if you get bored of the same setup, like I do.) There are some simple things you can do. For example, make sure the kitchen sink will not welcome the new week loaded with dirty dishes. Sort out the clean clothes you’ve just picked up from the line and dumped it in the living room – you don’t want to wake up to that on Monday. Check that your desk is tidy and de-cluttered, ready for a new week. (No dirty coffee mugs or plates with traces of last week’s meals, please.) Water your indoor plants or add some fresh flowers. Voila!

5. Gardening

Looking after plants is relaxing and rewarding. It’s like creating life, over and over, and keeping hope alive. If you’re not convinced, plant some seeds or plant cuttings, and watch them grow.

6. Catching up

…with a friend or loved one. Call and chat. Or email them if you’re not into calling. It’s good for your soul, and for theirs.

7. Planning

Make a list of things you have to do next day (and the following days, if you wish). This can relieve some of the stress you may otherwise take with you to bed. Things sometimes feel overwhelming when they’re in your head and look less bad when on paper. Writing these things down is a great way of reducing your stress or anxiety. If you’re super-organised you could also write down a meal plan for the week to come. After all, planning saves us time and headaches.

And there you are. Welcome, Monday.

What do you like to do on Sundays?

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