Distant socialising

Three months since my last post and not much has changed other than the season. Writing a blog post these days can be tricky because on one hand you feel you can’t ignore the reality and you have to talk about the present, and on the other hand you want to pretend all is well and normal, and to send a positive message. Somewhere in between the two, in my attempt to socialise with you from a distance, I will share with you the latest pages of my sanity and well-being diary, and who knows, maybe you’ll find them useful.

One. I’ve recently refreshed and brightened up my ugly old laundry. (Long process, as I only have the weekends, due to the day job that keeps getting in the way.) I painted walls and doors and cupboards and stuff. Painting is by far one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing, I am not kidding you. Whether you paint a wall, a door, a canvas, your nails, it doesn’t matter. Just paint. It’s incredibly relaxing and fulfilling.

Two. I’ve recently rediscovered my old love of books and I have been sort of obsessed with bookshelves and with creating a majestic display. This is still work in progress, because sometimes you enjoy the journey so much that you’re in no hurry to get to the destination. The reality that we are all currently living means we spend more time at home, so making your home look and feel good, will help you feel good.

Three. I have been creating mood boards (mainly in my head) and planning changes which is not a new activity, but rather an ongoing one, to keep the feeling of normality alive. Some find it weird (and annoying) to keep changing the interior of your home, moving stuff around and all of that, but I think our home, the same as us, is ever-changing. It must grow and evolve as we do. That doesn’t even have to mean buying new stuff all the time. Small and inexpensive changes can go a long way.

It’s a good time to show your home some love. See you soon. Be well, stay safe and sane.

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