Hello and welcome to Olmi Studio!

My creative story begun at ’55 Design Street’ with the interior design chapter. Well, I’m referring to the public presence, because in fact I showed the first signs of interest in interior design when I was 13 and I successfully cut a piece of furniture with a handsaw, to make it fit in an alcove. This event was followed by regularly changing my teen bedroom design, shuffling furniture around and driving the parents mad, and years later by completing interior design studies.
With my love for colour, art and everything handmade, my brand has now evolved into Olmi Studio. Interior design remains my first love, but I also like to try my hand at making things and learning new crafts.

Olmi Studio welcomes all “the creatives”. Whether you are a painter, a poet, a cake decorator, an Excel guru or a menu planner, all of these show creativity and in my books you are one of “the creatives”. We all are, some of us just might not know that yet. So you’ve come to the right place.
Take a seat, grab a cuppa and meet your fellow creatives. Read about their ups and downs, successes and failures. We can learn from each other and challenge ourselves to explore our creative potential.
Creativity is one of the most beautiful gifts that we have been given and if we learn to use it and value it, it can bring us unthinkable rewards. It helps us explore ourselves, evolve, understand, heal.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you will enjoy your stay and you will keep coming back.

Mirela x

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