Random Sunday thoughts.

We hear a lot these days that “we are in this together”.

But are we really?

We are in this together, but kind of separately. Individually. Which kind of tramples down the togetherness, doesn’t it. Some have lost their jobs, some have lost a loved one, some have not lost anything.

The survival instinct comes first – fair enough. But it does not have to mean lack of consideration for others. It’s not about money and paying your neighbour’s rent, it’s about showing that we care. Listening, encouraging, offering help. Caring. Doing something to show we are in it together and we don’t say it just to feel good about ourselves.

Are we in this together? From a broad life and death perspective, yes. The rest, the coping with every day struggles? You’re on your own, kid. It’s the age of loneliness.
I know, not everyone was born with the empathy gene.
But the good news is that empathy can be taught. We can learn together.