Last week I almost bought a new rug online. “Almost” means that after all that time of scrolling and deliberating and adding to cart, just as I was on the checkout page I found myself wondering: “is this type of rug still in style?”
First of all I must clarify that I didn’t just start browsing for rugs, out of boredom, shopping addiction or lack of better things to do. I had reasons. You see, despite being relatively new, my current rug looks disheveled and sad, due to intense canine activity. Clearly it wasn’t the right buy, although the sales person assured me it was the perfect rug. As it turns out, that perfection didn’t pass the test of the dog paws.

Apart from getting a different type and hopefully longer lasting rug, I would also like to brighten up the living room. OK, I may be aiming too high here, but something whitish would really tick the box. And last but not least, it was 60% off and free shipping – good time to buy a new rug, was it not? If only I didn’t end up questioning my choice. Is this rug still in style?

Ah, trends. To follow or not to follow, that is the question.
For example, I’ve recently read about a colour that is so absolutely and totally out of trend, that it is absolutely and totally not to be used in our homes. Oh, my. Bad news for me as such a lover of all colours.
Are you a trend follower? Do you “dare” to use a colour or homewares that are “omg, so last season”?
I know, it’s easy to fall for trends. I’m saying this because, returning to our rug conversation, lately my Instagram feed has been full of photos of interiors displaying diamond rugs. Not that I dislike them – quite the opposite – but just saying. If you’re an Instagram addict like me you can’t but notice the echoing.  


Pictured above, rugs from: 1 – Adairs, 2 – Miss Amara, 3 – Kmart, 4 – Rug Emporium, 5 – Living styles

Of course I fall for trends too, sometimes. I myself have organised my books by colour and bought faux Monstera leaves, Eames chairs and birds (OK, replica), pineapple-shaped ceramics and all.
However, I am now planning black&white with some splashes of orange in my workspace, which means succumbing to a craving, instead of a trend.


And in case you’re wondering, yes, this is a replica Eames bird, the vase is an op shop find, as is the table, the persimmons are real and the painting was an auction buy that only cost me $5 because the glass was cracked, which I didn’t mind, the painting looks better without it.

Trend follower or not, trust your decorating instincts. Love your home and fell good at home.