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I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking “wow, March already”.
Here on the South-East Coast of Australia it is the end of summer, and the nostalgia hits the beach lovers (so, … everybody).
But for someone like me, European born and bred, March has other meanings:  spring, rebirth, new beginnings, hope. And it comes with beautiful memories: the explosion of colours on the streets – crocus, two-leaf squills, freesia -, the fragile but brave snowdrop flowers piercing the snow…

Photo via Pixabay

And of course, “martisoare”.
Have you heard of martisor?
The martisor is an old tradition, going back thousands of years, abundant in symbolism and linked with beautiful legends. It means “little March” and it is a small pendant attached to a red and white string with tassels on each end. Given to friends and loved ones on the 1st of March, it is meant to bring them good health, luck and prosperity for the year ahead. They wear it pinned to their clothes, usually close to the heart or on the collar and wear it at least for the first week of March, if not the whole month. It’s a gift of love and happy vibes.
The little amulet attached to the string can be a lot of things and can have a lot symbols and meanings. Some of the most popular ones are the four-leaf clover, the horseshoe, the ladybug or the chimney sweep, all lucky charms. If I made you curious enough, you will surely explore and read some of the stories out there.

From a crafter’s perspective, as you can imagine the possibilities to make a ‘martisor’ are endless whether it is ceramics, crochet, macramé, cross-stitching, quilling, painting or anything you can possibly think of and any material you like. The red and white string is usually silky, but it can be also made of thread or wool.

Via Pixabay

Happy Spring to all my readers from the Northern Hemisphere! I am sending a virtual martisor to each and every one of you, together with my happy thoughts.
And for the Southern ones, I hope you won’t miss summer too much. Autumn is such a beautiful and inspiring season – check out my autumn design boards if you doubt it. (Sorry, the  design boards are all that is left from my old blog’s posts.) Maybe my next post will be about autumn and its symphony of colours. Stay tuned!

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