Are you obsessed with colours and with matching them?
There was a time when I used to put a lot of thought into choosing an outfit and attempting to achieve the perfect colour coordination with the accessories, the nail polish and the makeup. I obviously had lots of time, different values and my world was small(er).

Some years later this colour coordination obsession evolved into a meticulous process of designing colour schemes for interiors.
Around that time, I came across the Instagram posts of @demoiselle_o. She would gather around little things of the same colour, carefully arranging them for a photo shoot. The caption was ‘Diogenes syndrome’, because she is so gracefully witty.

Azul y Azul by @demoiselle_o

I commented that it sounded a bit extreme and that I would rather call it ‘obsessive colour coordination’. She liked the expression, so she created a hashtag. Neither her nor I are native English speakers, so I am not sure how great it sounds. However, in both of our defense, we also speak a few other languages, so let’s hope we will get away with it.

Verde Viento by @demoiselle_o

My design taste is ever-changing and I often try to break free from colour coordination by introducing complementary or clashing elements.
But I still love colour coordinated interiors – they’re nice to look at, don’t you think? They inspire calm, balance, relaxation. If you think so too, post under the #obsessivecolourcoordination IG hashtag – I would love to see your photos there!