When I first inspected the house that I currently live in, I was very excited that I would finally have a room of my own where I could hide from the rest of the world and focus on my creative endeavours, like blogging, drawing, painting, designing, sewing and all that. A room that I could decorate in girly colours without creating panic and rebellion among the male family members. A small bedroom on the ground floor seemed the perfect choice. With that room in mind, I started putting together a mood board.

At the time, I had just discovered via Instagram the beautiful artwork of Patricia Schwimmer. Beautiful, feminine, calming. There was this painting, called Summer Rain, which I thought would look great on the wall and would set just the mood that I wanted in the room: warm, peaceful and inspiring. This beautiful painting became source of inspiration for my room’s colour scheme.

‘Summer Rain’ – Photo courtesy of Patricia Schwimmer

Planning to decorate on a budget, I tried to work around items that I already owned – the bookshelf, the orange mobile pedestal, the sheepskin, the cushions. It just happened that they all worked well with the colour palette of the painting. I was kind of going through an orange-pink phase.

Most items are from Ikea – the shelving unit, desk, chair, sofa, several homewares; the cushions from Wayfair and drawer mobile pedestal from Officeworks. The final design board looked like this:

In case you wonder, this project never eventuated – the room was given a different purpose, part of our big ever-changing renovating project. But that is fine, because it gave me the chance to look for another place in the house that could potentially turn into my creative space – what a good excuse to put together another design board!

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