As a creative you will often find that your lack of time can translate into a pile of unfinished projects. That’s why you might like small decorating projects that don’t take long to complete, are easy and yet can have an impact on your home decor.

These display cubes – or “wall mount clever cubed storage units”, by their official Bunnings name – come in sets of three and are really versatile. I did not buy them for the wall, but to sit them on my desk and use them for storing and displaying things. They can save space, they are functional and decorative at the same time, and are a good option if you can’t or don’t want to make holes in your walls. Depending on the colour of the wall and what you want to achieve, you can use them as they are and arrange them in whatever formation you like.

Storage cubes

But you could also add some interest and impact by adding colour, or pattern, or contrast, or all of these, as a background. “Fill the  gaps” and create an interesting backdrop. You know those projects where bookcases are given a new look by using fabric or wallpaper or decorative paper as a backdrop (lining) for the back of the shelves? Well, it is almost like that, only easier.

My first thought was to use decorative wrapping paper, but I was set on black and white – which of course I didn’t have and didn’t want to buy yet another roll to add to my multi-coloured collection. (I had already promised myself to STOP buying supplies until I finish using the existing ones). So I thought I’d just use a permanent marker and plain white paper, and I started doodling. It went super-fast and that’s how it turned out:

How quick and easy is that? Now just cut them to size and stick them on to the cubes. I used double-sided tape, in case I’ll want to remove or replace the paper at some point.

Now the display part? I’ll leave it with you. You can go with some black and white like in my photo here, or you can choose a bold contrast, it’s up to you. Be creative and more importantly, have fun! 😉