If you like shoe shopping you probably have a collection of unwanted boxes. With some decorative duct tape and a bit of creativity, you can create pretty storage boxes for all of those trinkets and knick-knacks lying around everywhere.

I am a bit of a home organising addict and kind of obsessed with storage boxes! I like things to be tidy and tucked away. It is practical and functional – hey, you are finally able to find that little thingy that you have looked for all over the house for ages! When my son went through the “finger-boarding stage”, I used to find fingerboards everywhere in the house, and I used to be asked all the time “have you seen my four-corner fingerboard? you know, the green one?” Until on day, when I created these cool duct taped storage boxes. Problem solved!

The duct tape story began when I bought the first rolls of tape from Officeworks (for no reason, just “because”). After I decorated the first boxes (and also made the first mistake and learned from it), I got the hang of it and bought some more. I discovered that Lincraft had a pretty good variety.

Duct tape

Think of the purpose of the storage box and you can then choose the colours and patterns of the duct tape to be in harmony with the room.

Duct tape comes in a variety of colours and patterns and you can choose pairs – contrasting colours, complementary patterns. Consider the colour of the box and use it to your advantage. If the box is in your chosen colour, you will only need to add a matching trim of tape. If not, then you will have to cover it entirely. Overlap tape to create intricate patterns.

Your storage boxes can be not only functional, but also decorative. They can complement the overall look of a room or make beautiful displays. And by the way, it doesn’t have to be about shoe boxes only, you can use any cardboard box and group them in different sizes and designs. You can alternate or match the colours, patterns and design.

Have a go and if you like, send me photos of your work and I will post the best ones on the blog and on my Instagram account. Be inspired and get creative!

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