Every year I promise myself I would not get carried away with the Christmas decorating and every year I break this promise. This year I felt particularly tired and grumpy (it was a “long year”) and I was even thinking “what if I don’t put the tree up… ugh, so much work”. And next thing you know, on the 9th of December I was in the garage digging through tinsel and baubles and ribbons, and making Christmas wreaths.

As many of us do, I choose a different colour scheme for the Christmas décor every year. I went for an easy white and gold option this year and I also decided to spend as little time as I can decorating. I also challenged myself to spend no money on new decorations and instead to be creative and to just use existing supplies.

Making a wreath from tinsel is as easy as counting to three.

Firstly, pick a wire coat hanger and shape it in a circle. Of course you can buy it already made – a cane or metal ring from a craft store – but remember, this is about making. I even thought of a shape other than circle – heart? diamond? – but maybe I was pushing my luck a bit there. So let’s stick with the classic wreath.

Secondly, wrap the tinsel around the base until it’s entirely covered. My tinsel was about 1.5 m long. I used white because it reminds me of the white Christmases of my childhood.

Thirdly, decorate! Use baubles in a few different sizes and in your colour or theme choices. Add bows or other ornaments. Let your inspiration guide you. I like to keep it simple and I also went for an asymmetric look instead of the standard wreaths. I haven’t used any glue, just string and it can’t get easier than that. There aren’t many rules here and ultimately, it is about having fun, enjoying yourself and surprising your guests with your creativity.

Here are some more ideas:

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