So you have to work almost until Christmas eve and your desk is in an open plan office. Well, apart from counting the days till the office Christmas party and raiding the cookie jar in the kitchen several times a day, another way to make things better is to decorate your workplace. Yes, I know, there is probably a low (or no) budget for that but look at it as an opportunity to be creative. I did it, and you could too. Here’s how.

Go through the stationery cupboard to look for supplies (and for inspiration). I found some red and some green A4 paper, golden wrapping paper and a gift bag with red print. I added some green ribbon with a golden trim that I brought from my home craft supplies. Perfect.

I folded the red and the green A4 paper diagonally to make ‘branches’ and then overlapped them and joined them together with sticky tape to create a paper Christmas tree. The paper gift bag was cream with a pretty red print, so I cut out the little red birdies and hearts and thingies in gift tag sizes, punched some holes in them and attached ribbon, then stuck them on to the paper trees using sticky tape.

I also drew some stars of different sizes on the gold wrapping paper and cut them out. Ta-da! I reckon for a no-budget situation and not much time available, this turned out to be pretty cool, don’t you think?

Ok, let’s admit it, anyone can decorate if they just buy the ornaments, right? But how about we challenge ourselves to be creative instead?

That was take one. The year after, the team decided we would do something nicer, with their expectation being that I would design it and they would get a small budget approved. An easy rule for decorating on a small budget is to choose a colour or two coordinated colours and work around them. The inspiration for my design came again from the stationery cupboard: some blue Manila folders and golden envelopes. We bought a few inexpensive decorations in matching colours – blue baubles and golden ribbon, as well as a set of cheap blue noodle boxes.

Behind my desk there was a set of white storage cupboards. I used the ribbon, baubles and golden envelopes to make “Christmas trees” – split in half so we can still open the doors 🙂 – and the noodle boxes became the gifts under the tree. Done!

My desk was facing a large, white, empty, uninspiring wall (perhaps a psychological test?) And there it is after, less empty, more bearable and Christmassy:

Voila! Simple, quick and easy – not to mention inexpensive. There was also a tinsel wreath and some window décor – unfortunately I don’t have any good photos of them, but you get the picture. You can also check my post about tinsel wreaths here if you would like to make one.

We spend so much time at work, why not make it a pleasant place to be. So be inspired and use your creativity to make your work environment a happy, enjoyable one this Christmas!